Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Synoptic Solutions at SBL

I will be attending the SBL Annual Meeting in Chicago this weekend. It's my first SBL conference and I'm a little excited :)

If all goes well I'll arrive sometime Saturday morning (hopefully before 9am so I don't miss any talks) and staying through Monday afternoon.  Some Saturday afternoon sessions I am particularly looking forward to include:

  • the SBL Publication Workshop
  • and the SBL Now Presenting workshop on conference proposals (with James McGrath, among others), though it will be in tough competition with the simultaneous session on Kloppenborg's The Formation of Q  

Later on Sunday afternoon, I am faced with the impossible choice among three sessions, all beginning at 4pm:

  • Blogging and Professional Scholarship
  • Ehrman & Holmes on The Text of the New Testament
  • and Synoptic Themes and Markan Variations, with Stephen Carlson presiding 

How shall I choose? Probably I will have to begin with the blogging session, then sneak away to catch at least a glimpse of the other two; of particular interest are Elizabeth Shively with Carlson at 5pm on Reading Backwards from Mark's Ending, and Didier Lafleur with Ehrman & Holmes at 6pm on The Caesarean Text of the Gospel of Mark.

Tree of Life will be showing Sunday evening, though it seems unlikely I will be anywhere near the convention center by then.  Monday has a much more straightforward schedule, and I will be able to attend both of:

  • Review of Zeba Crook's Parallel Gospels
  • and Thomas Among the Gospels

both with Mark Goodacre on the panel, among others.  With any luck my copy of Thomas Among the Gospels will have arrived before I leave for Chicago :)  (I hope to post on Gathercole before I leave, perhaps later tonight.)

Of course, I also greatly look forward to seeing other attendees whom I have already met (one or two from long ago), meeting others whom I may only know through blogging and email, and meeting still others for the first time.  I stand in deep respect and admiration for the accomplishments of the professional scholars of SBL, both panelists and attendees, and it will be a little like visiting Hollywood for me.  I would be delighted to meet anyone and everyone, regardless of whether we stand opposed on this or that issue, so don't hesitate to say hello if you notice my name--I would be honored to chat.  I will be extending my own hand whenever it seems appropriate, so please don't be taken aback if I walk up and introduce myself----I can assure you I am quite friendly. Nor will I be offended if you don't have the time.


  1. If you make it to the session, or the the bibliobloggers' gathering, do say hello!

  2. Have fun! I wish I could make it to the conference this time too. It sounds like we would have a similar taste in sessions as I would also be interested in checking out the session on Kloppenborg & Q or on Goodacre's/Gathercole's work on Thomas and the NT Gospels.

  3. Hey Mike. Glad you've come out of the cave. I'm always intrigued when your blog pops up with new posts in my Google Reader. (I'm the guy with the half-baked theories about bread, fish and the Didache.)

    Enjoy the conference and be sure to post a full report for the benefit of your loyal readers!

  4. @James--thanks, I will!

    @Mike--thank you, I am sorry we cannot meet there, nor am I likely to make it to St. Andrews, though it's not impossible. I hope you're enjoying your time in Leipzig!

    @Tim--good to hear from you, and I will do my best to provide a recap!